Man hit in face by fish

Norway has recently suffered from the most severe storm in decades. Wind gusts of up to 112 miles per hour battered the country, damaging property, closing roads, and causing power outages. In the spirit of all insane meteorologists, this Norwegian fellow is standing near the water while reporting on the storm, all the while getting hit with rain and wind.

He handles it like a pro until a fish hits him in the face at high speed, knocking him off his feet and spinning his life vest around. Despite everything, the weatherman stands up, laughing and seemingly unharmed. Make sure to watch until the end for the slo-mo. It's worth it.

Sadly, upon further review, I believe this to be fake. There is no footage with a TV station chyron or logo, and the name of the supposed meteorologist is nowhere to be found. It's still hilarious, and I appreciate his commitment to the bit, as those waves look genuinely dangerous.

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