Simplify your charging chaos with InCharge X Max 6-in-1: on sale for $31.99

TL;DR: Charge multiple devices at once with this 2-pack of InCharge® X Max 100W 6-in-1 Charging Cables, and it's price dropped to $31.99 (reg. $78) with coupon code ENJOY20 until 4/16 at 11:59 PM. 

Nowadays we have an abundance of devices that need charging— and an even more overwhelming collection of cords. With the InCharge® X Max 100W 6-in-1 Charging Cable (2-Pack), you can say good riddance to multiple adaptors, charging ports, and wires, and enjoy having a single cord do it all. 

The InCharge® X Max is a game-changer for powering up your gadgets. This 100 W ultra-fast charging cable connects with all USB-A – USB-C, USB-A – Lightning, USB-A – Micro USB, USB-C – USB-C: 20V, USB-C – Lightning, and USB-C – Micro USB devices. It's compatible with iPhones, tables, computers, and more! 

You'll love the five foot cable for extra mobility and reach. The long, braided copper wire was designed with durability in mind so you can toss it in your bag worry-free. 

Equipped with data transfer capabilities and lightning fast charging, this 6-in-1 cable is especially convenient for anyone who's always on the go. It's a game-changer for the minimalist traveler or commuter as you only have to remember one cable!

Save space and keep your bedside table tidy, because the InCharge® X Max is the perfect solution to simplifying your life and keeping your aesthetic clean. 

Rated 3.1 out of 5 stars, one verified reviewer said," It does everything on one cable. Phones are going to usb-c but most hotels and airports and airplanes have old usb an outputs. This cable does them all. It's sturdy and should last a long time."

Get the InCharge® X Max 100W 6-in-1 Charging Cable (2-Pack) for only $31.99 (reg. $78) with coupon code ENJOY20 until 4/16 at 11:59 PM. 

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