Creepy video: Senator and extremists pray in tongues to resurrect anti-abortion law

In a scene straight out of a dystopian movie about America's collapse into christofascism, here's a video of Arizona State Senator Anthony Kern and his group of anti-abortion zealots on their hand and knees in the the AZ State House Chamber of the state capital, engaging in tongues-praying for the reinstatement of a near-total abortion ban from 1864.

Kern — a former police officer who was fired for lying and "string of other disciplinary problems" — can be seen on the carpet with his gang of extremists circled around the Arizona state seal in the carpet, babbling fervently for divine intervention to resurrect a Civil War-era law.

As Public affairs strategist Tony Cani points out, the real kicker is that they didn't even need to pray; the groundwork for this moment had been meticulously laid out years prior.

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