This armed security camera uses AI to fire paintballs or tear gas at trespassers

PaintCam is an armed home/office security camera that uses AI to spot trespassers and fires paintballs or tear gas projectiles at them. The company's promotional video looks like a parody but apparently this "vigilant guardian that doesn't sleep, blink, or miss a beat" is a real product.

According to New Atlas, the system "uses automatic target marking, face recognition and AI-based decision making to identify unfamiliar visitors to your property, day or night.

It then gives an ED-209 style warning to anyone it doesn't know – and if they fail to comply and take off within the time limit, Eve will start firing off paintball pellets that'll mark the intruder for later police identification, while also hurting enough to make it highly likely they'll skedaddle rather than pressing the issue."