This confused, pathetic pygmy marmoset is oh-so-relatable

I know folks are laughing at this poor, confused pygmy marmoset—the "world's smallest monkey"—but not me. Instead, I wanna say, "Hey, little fella, I feel you!"

This short clip, featured on Apple TV's show "Tiny World," shows a sweet pygmy marmoset trying to understand what, exactly, the bright green leaf-shaped object it's looking at actually is. The leaf-shaped object is sitting on a tree branch, looking like a leaf. The pygmy marmoset reaches out to touch it and examine it more closely, and then gets startled when the insect jumps away. And the look on the poor confused creature's face is priceless. 

Ok, ok, I admit, I'm laughing a little. So is Sarah Jae, who calls herself "Your animal commentary baddie!" on TikTok. Her comments on the clip are hilarious. She states, "He was flabbergasted!" and finds the whole thing so funny that she rewinds to watch it again. She describes the poor pathetic monkey's face after the insect jumps away: "Look… he said, what the fuck!"

Even though I'm laughing, I still find that bewildered little monkey quite relatable. Hang in there, tiny monkey, we're all just doing our best in this weird, confusing world!

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