This $70 officially licensed Atari console comes with 200+ built-in classic games!

TL;DR: Save 30% on the My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro gaming console, two wireless joysticks, and more than 200 officially licensed titles with a new open-box model: $69.99 (reg. $99.99)!

Let's play a game: If you could go back to your childhood for just one day, what would you do first? Those who would run to their old Atari console to play classics like Asteroids, PONG, or Missile Command should listen up, because we have a modernized console with all of those titles and hundreds more. It's called the My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro, and it's only $69.99 with a new open-box model (reg. $99.99). 

The console comes with more than 200 built-in Atari and bonus titles. Every game is officially licensed — no bootleg games here! — arriving fully playable and with save options so you can pick up where you left off. One 5-star reviewer even suggests you can add more games.

Unlike the original Atari consoles, this one has two wireless joysticks for total gaming freedom, each equipped with paddles for games like Warlords and Breakout. Another modern twist is dynamic RGB LED lights on the joysticks and console that electrify your game nights. 

Above, we noted that you're saving 30% on this blast-from-the-past console because it's a new open-box model, but what does that mean? Think of these products as customer returns or excess store inventory — their packaging is no longer pristine, so they're now labeled as "open-box" versus "brand-new" items. Basically, you're getting a new gaming console at a steep discount because the box isn't perfect. It still comes with all original accessories and a minimum 90-day warranty.

Dive into nostalgia with the My Arcade Atari Game Station Pro at $69.99 (reg. $99.99) for a new open-box model!

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