Alien corpse was human, stolen by grave robbers

An attempt to prove the existence of alien astronauts has revealed an ancient, all-too human practice — grave robbing. According to Reuters, journalist Jaime Maussan presented two mummified "alien" bodies to a Mexican congressional hearing on UFOs in 2023. They had elongated heads and three fingers on each hand…and were quickly identified by scientists as human corpses.

They were part of a horde of looted mummies from Nazca, Peru. Its dry-as-a-bone-air has preserved countless burial sites and is also home to massive line drawings, visible only from a bird's eye view.  This puzzling achievement has inspired UFOlogists, and transformed an archeological treasure trove into the Southern Hemisphere's Roswell.

(On) the road between Nazca and Lima, plenty of billboards feature flying saucers and a friendly cartoon alien pops up along the highway advertising "Helados Ovni," or UFO ice cream.

Black marketeers are peddling more than ice cream. One convicted grave robber alone removed over 200 sets of human remains from that same cave. Peru is trying to stem the tide of thefts, and save the historical record. All luggage leaving the country is now scanned for skeletal remains.

In February 2022, DHL workers intercepted a U.S-bound shipment of a human skull camouflaged using resin and eyeglasses at Lima's international airport, and police intercepted a mummy on its way to Bolivia in the backpack of a motorcycle carrier in February 2023.

Let's hope that extraterrestrial visitors never find out about this, or they might phone home a bad review of our planet.

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