Clever art prank tests the postal system's handling of unusual packages

What if you mailed a box that looked like a die? Which number would it end up on when it arrived? Artist Pablo Rochat decided to test this out. He crafted a square package, designed it to look like a die, and sent it off to a friend. He even put a shipping label on each side. Pablo kicked off a little wager with his friend on which number would be facing up upon delivery. He's also opened up the guessing game to his followers, inviting them to share their predictions in the comments.

Then, a couple days later, the package was delivered to his friend and he made the big reveal. He had bet the number four, and was wrong. I was hoping for the number six, and I was wrong. Watch this Ring camera footage to find out what number it actually landed on.

Rochat is an absolute creative genius. I've been following his Instagram for some time, and I'm regularly astounded by his creations and his unique perspective on the world.

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