Watch this snake being saved from eating itself

This king snake has gotten into a predicament by attempting to eat itself and succeeding. Thankfully, a human is on standby with hand sanitizer for just such an occasion. Apparently, snakes hate the taste of alcohol.

The person in the video does not seem to be at all surprised that he has to stop this snake from eating itself. I had to look into it further, and it appears this is not uncommon, although there is no consensus on why snakes do this. Theories include stress, trauma, or overheating. Snakes can become disoriented when overheated and confuse their bodies for food.  King snakes, in particular, try to eat themselves as they are cannibalistic and perhaps not very smart. Opinions in the herpetology world seem to vary wildly on the latter, so they may be smart snakes who really like the taste of king snake.

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