Maxie is the world's largest goose—and will never attack you

In Sumner, Missouri, you can visit Maxie, the World's Largest Goose.

Maxie is made of fiberglass, weighs 4,000 pounds, and stands 40 feet tall. She was built in 1976 and placed on the ground with the help of a helicopter.

When the wind blows, Maxi rotates slightly, "taking flight". I shouldn't go see Maxi in person, because the urge to climb the sculpture would be too strong. 

From Atlas Obscura: 

"Sumner sits along a migration path that sees a large number (around 100,000) of wild geese land in the local lakes each year, attracting a number of hunters. This has earned the town its fowl nickname, along with the goose-themed festival which has been held there since 1955. There is no mistaking the town's claim to fame thanks to a general theme of geese, of which Maxie is clearly the crown jewel."


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