Little girl's imaginary closet monster turns out to be 55,000-65,000 bees

Three year-old Saylor Class complained that there was a monster in her room. Her parents thought it was a figment of her imagination. It wasn't. It was 60000 bees.

"We even gave her a bottle of water and said it was monster spray so that she could spray away any of the monsters at night," said Ms Massis Class, a home designer. But over the following months, Saylor became more insistent that there was something in her closet. It began to make more sense when Ms Massis Class noticed bees swarming in clusters near the attic and chimney outside their 100-year-old house. … The bees had spent eight months building the monster hive.

When he got to work on the nest, "They just came pouring out like a horror movie," Class told the BBC. Homeowners insurance refuses to cover it and they're on the hook for £20,000 in repairs to the walls, the electrics and the roof.