Watch the intro credits to the X-Men cartoon, remade with Lego

The opening credits sequence from X-Men: The Animated Series is one of the more memorable cartoon intros of all time, with a riveting theme song and an exciting clash of characters. The series was recently revived in a novel way in the form of X-Men '97—a simultaneous continuation of the series, as if it hadn't been cancelled in 1996, that also embraces some more mature, complex, and modern storytelling approaches.

To celebrate, the folks at LegoBrick Studio have finally adapted that epic opening segment into its purest form: LEGO!

(Seriously though: even if you're not a fan of X-MEN, or cartoons, the fifth episode of X-MEN '97, "Remember It," is one of the most affecting half hours of television I've watched in a long, long time.)

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