A blog you can read only with a feed reader

Chris McLeod's The Underground is a blog that you can only read through a feed reader, excepting a splash page explaining this. Unless your browser is kitted out with one, all you'll get is raw XML: human-readable, sort of!

theunderground.blog is an experimental blog that is only available to read through a feed reader.

If you would like to read the latest posts, you can subscribe to the feed at https://theunderground.blog/feed.xml, using the feed reader of your choice.

I figure that browsers should have a default rendering for feeds—not a built-in "feed reader" app, just a readable rendering of the feed document. What you see screenshotted above—"this document is XML so I'm just going to smash the source in your face instead of doing anything with it"—I assume are the ruins of some ancient holy war over such matters.