Easily entertain your cat for days with this $22 touch-activated pet toy

TL;DR: Help your cat stay active and entertained with the Cheerble Ball, an interactive pet toy, on sale now for only $21.97 through May 12.

It's always so hard to leave your cat behind — but now, you can rest assured they're having an incredible time with this unique, touch-activated pet toy (which was originally successfully funded on Kickstarter!).

With just the touch of a paw or a nose, the Cheerble Ball starts rolling around, with no app needed to use it. Your cat is firmly in control! Best of all, it's on sale now: You can buy the Cheerble Ball for only $21.97 now through May 12, no coupons needed. It's the best price on the web.

Here's how it works:

  1. Once you have the Cheerble, turn the ball on by pressing the button for three seconds.
  2. Now, pick one of three activity modes. You can select "gentle" for a more relaxed experience, "normal" for usual play, or "active" if you really want to keep your cat moving.
  3. Get the fun started by tapping or shaking the Cheerble ball, then setting it down on the ground
  4. As soon as your cat touches the Cheerble ball, it'll start rolling on the ground, with soft LED lights that will attract your pet to help them be entertained all day!

Don't worry about the ball getting stuck when you're gone, either. It has an automatic obstacle avoidance system that will prevent it from getting trapped in any corners.

Basically, the Cheerble Ball is a prime source of fun for your cat, keeping them occupied when you can't play with them. It's also a solid source of exercise, too, so your cat stays healthy, fit and happy!

(And while it's marketed toward cats, there are plenty of other animals who will love batting the Cheerble Ball around.) 

Give your cat a treat that will last. Buy the Cheerble Ball for only $21.97 through May 12.

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