Elon Musk is personally directing warranty repairs at Tesla

A Redditor has confirmed with Tesla that his Model Y's $1500 warranty repairs are awaiting Elon Musk's personal approval.

Amazingly named Redditor BingoBongo1286 confirmed with Tesla that their approved body shop is held up on beginning warranty paint repairs on his Model Y… because Elon Musk has to sign off. I am sure we are about to hear that this is just another gentleman working at Tesla named Elon Musk, as the name is probably as common in South Africa as "Pedo Guy."


Took new Y in for warranty paint defects. Sitting at the body shop they use for a week untouched. Shop told me they can't move forward without the approval on the $1500 PO and Elon has to sign off himself. Sent message to Tesla through app who confirmed this. Wtf? Doesn't that billionaire have anything better to do?


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