Would you drive up Japan's Rollercoaster Bridge?

There's a bridge in Japan that's so steep it's known as the Rollercoaster Bridge: the Eshima Ohashi bridge in Sakaiminato, which connects that city to nearby Matsue. Approaching the bridge from afar, it can appear nearly vertical to drivers.

If I were a passenger going up this bridge, I may have to shut my eyes until I reached the end of the incline. 

From Atlas Obscura:

"The bridge is about a mile long and at 44 meters tall, one of the highest in its class of bridge in the world, with a rigid frame structure. The view from either end of the bridge amplifies the actual incline, hence the rollercoaster nickname. It looks terrifyingly high. The bridge is still pretty steep though, with a gradient of 5.1 percent on the Tottori Prefecture side and 6.1 percent on the Shimane Prefecture side."

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