Comedian investigates the "Sex Pistols Taco Bell" in Memphis

Yes, that's right, say it with me. Sex Pistols Taco Bell. Say it out loud. No, not wanting to get caught covertly scrolling at work isn't a valid excuse, everybody knows what you're doing already. Say it with me, Sex Pistols Taco Bell.

Great, now watch Ryan of Ryan's Shorts say it over and over again. Actually, take a shot every time he says it. Yes, get hammered while you're at work. No, you're wrong, it's a great idea.

Some of our monuments to the past are befitting. The founding fathers got their faces carved in larger-than-life splendor at Mount Rushmore. The Sex Pistols brief and only tour in the US that ended in their disbandment gets… well, nothing, really. There's not really a good parallel to draw here. But the irony of something as blase as a Taco Bell standing where the Sex Pistols once played is pretty absurd. Ryan summarizes the phenomenon nicely.

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