What the heck is "&udm=14"? A new search engine strips AI junk from Google results

"&udm=14" is a URL parameter you can add to Google search result URLs that removes all the new AI and ad stuff. And udm14.com is a pseudo-search engine that redirects automatically to these simplified yet more substantial results for your query. It's the work of Ernie Smith, who describes &udm=14 as the "disenshittification Konami code" for Google.

The results are fascinating. It's essentially Google, minus the crap. No parsing of the information in the results. No surfacing metadata like address or link info. No knowledge panels, but also, no ads. It looks like the Google we learned to love in the early 2000s, buried under the "More" menu like lots of other old things Google once did more to emphasize, like Google Books.

Some report that it doesn't work for them; it might depend on an ongoing rollout of the underlying feature to users. If the URL trick works for you, the site will. It doesn't change ranking—for"verbatim" results you can add "&tbs=li:1" to a Google results URL. The code is on github if you're thinking of implementing it in some other way.