Vanity Fair photoshops out Guy Pearce's Palestine lapel pin

Look, it happens to everyone. Me, for example, sometimes I'll accidentally photograph Guy Pearce (oops), then I'll mistakenly open up that photo in Photoshop, then I'll step on a Lego, or maybe several thousand of them, hop around in pain for a while, then spill my coffee all over my keyboard. While my motherboard is getting fried and I'm standing there, staring at my poor, smoking computer, and I'm completely unable to act, my computer will accidentally highlight a certain element of the photo in photoshop, flawlessly delete it, and then send it to my publisher.

This, presumably without exaggeration, is exactly what happened to Vanity Fair France this past weekend.

On 21 May, Vanity Fair included a photograph of Pearce in an article titled 'Diary cannois du jour' (Daily Cannes diary), which showcased several photos of celebrities attending the festival.

In Pearce's picture, the actor could be seen smiling for the camera in a black Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo. But an important detail on his left lapel was missing: the pin of the Palestinian flag.

Egyptian journalist Ahmed Hathout noticed the change and took to X, formerly Twitter, to publicise the incident.

Pauline Ertel, Middle East Eye

In response, Vanity Fair France issued the following statement,

"Good evening. We mistakenly published a modified version of this photo on the website. The original version was published on Instagram on the same day. We have rectified our error and apologise."