Reddit bans r/GoonCaves

I hate to be the one to explain this, but someone has to explain to the unsuspecting public what a gooncave is, right? I suppose this is just my lot in life. Anyway, uh, gooncaves are, uh, places where people, pretty much just the fellas, sit around and watch porn. But that's just a computer, you're yelling at me now from your home office, does that mean gooncave is a synonym for computer? No, nonono. Basically, they're rooms that have been arranged to best accommodate the viewing of porn on as many screens as possible. This means multiple monitors, surround sound, fancy gaming chairs, maybe some kind of feeding tube, etc. Basically a captain's quarters for watching illicit videos. The gooner is the captain, the high seas are videos of anime girls having unspeakable things done to them. Please bear with me until I find a better analogy, thank you.

The subreddit, r/GoonCaves was dedicated to, as 404 Media put it, the "art" of these elaborate setups. What compels a man to spend all of his free time and money building, improving, photographing and, worst of all, posting a photo of his unholy altar to a deity whose dominion falls somewhere between fertility and schadenfreude to strangers online is beyond me. It is a more salient mystery than asking oneself what sort of man reads Playboy. 

"Gooning is a flow state: an extended edging session marked by mindlessness, loss of control, and total surrender," Sam wrote when she covered r/GoonCaves last year. "For the habitants of goon caves, it's being enraptured by the shadows on the cave wall, and willfully shunning the sunlight of reality. Some go as far as to define themselves as 'pornosexuals,' people with a sexual preference for porn over real-life sex."

[…]Reddit has been enforcing its policy against nonconsensual porn for years, but appears to have increased its enforcement across the board leading up to and after the company went public earlier this year.


So Reddit banned gross hedonism?