Woman threatened with jail over negative tomato puree review has the world wondering what is so unpleasantly sweet about Nagiko Tomato Mix

Nigerian businesswoman Chioma Okoli gave a negative review to a can of Nagiko Tomato Mix, saying she found it too sweet. In response, Erisco Foods Limited had her charged with cybercrime and sued her, thereby ensuring that the entire world knows about the product quality problems faced their Nagiko Tomato Mix.

Her post, accompanied by a photo of an opened can of Nagiko Tomato Mix, produced by local company Erisco Foods Limited, sparked varied reactions from commenters, one of whom replied: "Stop spoiling my brother's product. If (you) don't like it, use another one than bring it to social media or call the customer service."

Okoli responded: "Help me advise your brother to stop ki***ing people with his product, yesterday was my first time of using and it's pure sugar."

A week later, on September 24, she was arrested.

In legal filings seen by CNN, the Nigeria Police Force alleged that Okoli used her Facebook account "with the intention of instigating people against Erisco Foods," adding in a statement on March 7 that it had "unearthed compelling evidence" against her from its preliminary investigations.

She faces three years in jail and a fine equivalent to $5,000.

Okoli's case has sparked protests at Erisco's Lagos facility as many on social media called for a boycott of its products. The company's founder, Eric Umeofia, refused to budge, however, saying in a recent documentary on the local Arise Television channel that he won't drop the lawsuit against Okoli and that he would "rather die than allow someone to tarnish my image I worked 40 years to grow."

The priority should surely be fixing the disgusting product first. It might not be ki***ing people who eat it but it sure as hell is ki***ing something else.