Man who stole charity raffle motorcycle packed saddlebags with roadkill for cooking on the tailpipe

On Monday at L Street Tavern in Wrentham, Mass, someone stole a motorcycle meant for a charity raffle for a family in need. Later, police found the bike being pushed along by Brian Bennett, 36. He told the cops that he won the bike in a raffle but the ownership papers hadn't yet been transferred.

"I'm not going to run on you, don't worry," Bennett told police at the same time he was attempting to kickstart the motorcycle.

Checking the plates revealed that the bike was stolen but Bennett ignored the officer and drove away. It quickly broke down again though and Bennett was arrested. When police searched Bennett and the bike, they discovered multiple knives and blood. The motorcycle's saddlebags were backed with hunks of roadkill, specifically a deer.

"He was cutting pieces and cooking it on the tailpipe," Wrentham police chief Bill McGrath said in an interview with WCVB. "That's what he told us."

He also informed authorities that "just stole a car from a rental place in Boston the other night."

Bennett was charged with multiple crimes. Meanwhile, his mental health is under evaluation.

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