The man who eats roadkill has a deep respect for animals

Arthur Boyt is a connoisseur of cooking and eating roadkill. He doesn't believe in killing animals to eat when there's plenty of roadkill that he doesn't want to let go to waste. He says that he began collecting roadkill in 1976. It started with a hobby of finding already-deceased animals in the road and turning them into taxidermy. He didn't want to throw any part of these animals away, though, so he decided to start eating their meat.

In this episode of Munchies, we are taken on an excursion with Boyt as he looks for roadkill. He ends up finding a juicy badger to take home for dinner. We get to see his process of preparing the animal to be eaten, and what the end result looks like. Anyone who sees this video should know that eating roadkill can be extremely dangerous and comes along with plenty of risks. It could lead to rabies or even death in the worst-case scenario. That being said, I have lots of respect for this guy and his belief that nothing should go to waste.