Behold the drab emptiness of the remodeled Home Alone house, on the market at $5M

There is a great scourge on this earth and it is modern makeovers of classic home interiors. Famous homes can't seem to escape the onslaught, either.

Home Alone, a film synonymous with all things Christmas That's sliding around wooden floors in socks, cups of hot chocolate, millions of strategically placed mouse traps and criminals at the door. Ah, the holidays.

Take a look at a still of the house from the movie, all reds and oranges. Warm colors, darkly hued wooden accents, rugs and slightly gaudy wallpaper to match. Yeah, it's a movie, and staged to look charming, but it really feels lived in. Said director Christopher Columbus (real name?), "we intended the film to feel like Christmas, so we filled the house with greens and reds. I wanted the house to feel like a warm place." I'd say the set dresser did a great job. I can smell the cinnamon through my monitor. Is that good for my computer?

And now, drumroll please, for the main attraction. What does the 2024 version of this Winnetka, IL home look like?


No, this photo hasn't been desaturated (much). This is from the Zillow listing for the home, which now looks more like a doctor's office staged by Restoration Hardware than anywhere anyone ever lived in, family of paid actors or not. There's a distinct odor of… what is that? Amonia? Bleach? wafting from this image and out of my computer.

If you can handle it, peruse some more approximate side-by-sides below.

Here's the Zillow listing, in all it's glory.

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