Los Angeles Sheriff's Department left man to die after police chase

In 2018, deputies from the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department pursued a man suspected of driving a stolen vehicle. The chase effectively ended when Raymundo Rivera stopped the car and ran into a supermarket in Lancaster. He ran up the stairs, onto the roof, fell into one of the building's pillars and was left to die.

The official report stated that Rivera had gotten away. Days later, the store manager called a plumber to investigate a foul smell.

On August 11th, a decomposing body was pulled out of the pillar, later confirmed as Raymundo Rivera.

Deputy Tanner, who led the pursuit, openly bragged about leaving Rivera in the pillar, according to a lawsuit filed against him by his ex girlfriend. The deputies on duty were fully aware that they had left him there "to die a tortured death when they could have easily pulled him to safety".

Aaron Tanner, an member of the Rattlesnake deputy gang, is currently being sued by his ex girlfriend for physical abuse. She cites that he exhibited a number of "sadistic tendencies" in personal and professional life and that this incident was one among many that he boasted about.

The allegations in the lawsuit filed by his ex assert that Tanner openly referred to the Rattlesnakes as his gang, claimed that Rattlesnakes members intimidate other deputies, made false arrests, and framed people for crimes they did not commit. The suit also alleges that members would withhold backup on other deputies' patrol calls "to endanger their lives," wrote false police reports, and engaged in other "illegal conduct" – all reported hallmarks of deputy gangs.

Since the lawsuit became public, Rivera's family have come forward and filed a tort claim for wrongful death. All anonymously, as they fear retaliation from the sheriff's department.

This case resembles a similar wrongful death that occurred earlier this year.

"If there is a deputy gang operating out of the Lancaster Sheriff's Station, then this is exactly what they do. They engage in conduct which leads to death or serious bodily injury. They cover it up," Contreras said. "The facts are eerily similar."

Cerise Castle, LA Public Press

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