MAGA geniuses stunned as Hunter Biden is convicted, fueling their wackiest conspiracy theory yet

First, the very stable geniuses of the MAGA party said Hunter Biden would never be arrested.

After he was arrested, they said he'd never be prosecuted.

After he was prosecuted they said his father would pardon him.

After his father didn't pardon him, they said the judge would dismiss the case.

When the judge allowed the case to continue, they said the rigged jury would find him not guilty.

Now that he has been found guilty, they realized that President Biden and the Deep State intentionally orchestrated the arrest, trial, and guilty charge as a way to justify the sham conviction of their leader, Donald Trump.

You'd think that only someone as dumb as Elon Musk would fall for such a desperate attempt to explain away reality, but it seems like every Republican in Congress is buying it.

As James P. McGovern (D-MA) said today:

And as usual, the only Trump Derangements Syndrome going on around here is on the other side of the aisle. I mean, people are saying that Biden orchestrated the conviction of his own son in order to justify the criminal charges against Trump.

That is how you think when you are in a cult. So here's the bottom line. Republicans just can't wrap their heads around the idea that their presidential candidate, your presumptive nominee, is a convicted felon.

That is not the result of a sham process or some vast conspiracy by the Biden administration. That is the result of the truth. And these attacks on our justice system have to come to a stop. They are dangerous.

They are irresponsible. They are nothing but false conspiracy theories being pushed to try and excuse the actions of the former president. And they are made even more absurd by the outcome of the trial this morning in Delaware.