The weirdest inventions you didn't know existed

These six things exist because someone just had to go there. They are a testament to humankind's ingenuity. Useful? Maybe. Weird? Absolutely. Enjoy everything from using your child as a mop to a mug that stirs itself. Creativity leads us down some interesting paths.

The R2 Fish training kit

Image: R2 Fish School/Amazon

The R2 Fish training set has everything you need to train your pet goldfish like a circus animal. The video suggests teaching your fish to shoot goals, pick up rings, and swim obstacle courses is possible. However, I would likely end up with a dead fish. Bend it like Fishman.

Baby Mop Onesies

Image: Amazon

That story about a child being the best thing that'll ever happen to you? It may now be true. If you have a lot of dirt, pet hair, and other detritus on your hardwood or tile floors, perhaps you should enlist the help of your toddler. Instead of wishing they never learned to crawl, you'll be running your own custom Roomba.

A better butter applicator

Image: Amazon

Have you struggled to spread butter on your bread or to get a really nice coating on your corn cob? Have no fear—this glue-stick-like butter applicator is for you. Solving the complex problems people didn't know they had, this butter stick holder would help fill my junk drawer.

The Self-Stirring Mug

Image: Amazon

A chalice for the lazy! Want hot chocolate but lack the energy to stir the powder into your heated liquid? Never fear, Innovation has you covered. I have a hard time imagining when exactly I'd need a self-stirring mug.

USB Pet Rock

Image: ThinkGeek

Gary Dahl's 1975 Pet Rock is offered a 1990s upgrade that adds a cable. "The USB Pet Rock will instantly begin to work its magic. People will stop by and ask you what your USB Pet Rock does. Each time, you can make up a new story; for no matter what you say, it will be greater than the truth – because these USB Pet Rocks don't do a dang thing!" — Innoculus

Car Eyelashes

Image: Amazon

Anthropomorphize your car? Car Eyelashes are just plain weird. Assuming the adhesive doesn't mess up your paint, aside from looking silly and maybe adding a bit of aerodynamic drag there just isn't anything good about these decorative bits of plastic.

There are a lot more than six inventions that boggle the mind, what are a few of your favorites?