Catchy tune, performed by band that pours concrete at every concert, mocks undemocratic rule in French constitution

First, what is article 49.3? Second, why does it suck? Third, why does it have a catchy theme song? Finally, why does the group that performs this tune pour a fresh slab of concrete at every show?

That's a lot of questions, let's see if I can dredge up any insight.

1. 49.3 is an article of the French constitution that permits a law to be pushed through France's lower house of parliament without a vote. Though designed to prevent standstills and bolster executive power, it is effectively an undemocratic tool that the left, the youth, people in the know and kraut rock musicians are very upset about.

2. See above

3. The people gotta know about sketchy political stuff, why not educate 'em via rock jingle? As to why it's catchy, I don't know music theory, but I'll take a slab at it- uhh…, danceable beat, meaty bass, singalong chorus, sounds cool even if you have no idea what they're on about.

4. Cuz it's funny!

Watch them lay down the concrete law below.

Dalle Béton covers the stage in a plastic tarp and pours their namesake out over the course of the act. It's a shtick reminiscent of early Butthole Surfers shows with a sound that's a little Delta 5 or Le Tigre.

The lyrics are a diatribe against the wanton usage of article 49.3. Protests in the streets? 49.3. Hate retirees? 49.3. Car parked badly? 49.3. Sleepy? 49.3!

Sing along if you know the words! Quarante-neuf trois!