Meet the Pixelbot 3000, an AI-powered Lego mosaic robot

On his channel, Creative Mindstorms, a Dutch YouTuber builds impressive robotic Lego creations like this robot. The delightfully named Pixelbot 3000 can, with a ChatGPT prompt, build a Lego mosaic of just about anything. The mosaics comprise a 32 by 32 grid of 1 by 1 plates, placed one by one by the robot. I appreciate content creators who show their mistakes and successes, as this creator does several times in this video. 

One of his previous creations is an AI robot head named Dave, who I find a little creepy. Dave's zombie-like skin tone does not improve the creepiness factor. I am not opposed to AI-powered robot heads per se, but no, thank you.

A couple of years ago, he built a touch-screen McDonald's vending machine that dispenses homemade food. He doesn't show any of the design or building process for this one, which is a shame because I would have liked to see how he worked out some of the mechanics. 

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