The bizarre Japanese beverage that solidifies in your gut

A beverage company in Japan has introduced a new canned drink called Tansan that reacts with the acid in your stomach to form a jelly-like substance, which the manufacturers claim will stave off hunger pangs.

When I told Jason about it, he said he suspected it contains psyllium fiber. However, I'm not sure if that's the case because psyllium reacts immediately with water to swell up and form a kind of gel.

Someone at Sora News 24 tried out a can of Tansan and said that it tasted like a normal, carbonated lemon drink, but it had a different texture straight out of the can. In other words, it already was a little jelly-like. The reviewer added lemon juice to a cup of the drink to see if it would solidify, but he said it didn't work. I guess the only way to find out would be to either vomit into a cup of Tansan or drink some and then puke it up. I'm not in the mood to do either.

Has anyone tried this stuff? I would love to know what's in it and if it really does turn into a jelly in the stomach.

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