Atari 400 Mini minier than expected

If the Atari 400 isn't so famous as other classic game consoles, in 1979 it (and its properly-keyboarded big sibling, the 800) was the gaming computer to have. And now you can have it again, in the form of the 400 Mini, which emulates not only that model but all like it (400/800/5200/1200/800XL). I noticed that it's 15% off today at Amazon, bringing the price to $102—not a bad deal at all for retrogamers with an itchy Atari.

Emulates all Atari 8-bit systems, from the 400 through to the 800XL, including the Atari 5200 Home Console. Multi region 720 HD output via HDMI, with PAL (50Hz) and NTSC (60Hz) compatibility. Play in original 4:3 or pixel perfect aspect ratios, with or without CRT filters Choose from 12 attractive frames to surround gameplay Rewind gameplay by up to 40 seconds Play games you own via a USB flash drive with disk, cartridge and cassette ROMs compatibility

As you can see in the product shot, they are not kidding about "Mini". And "play games you own via a USB flash drive" is good for a chuckle.

Atari 400 Mini [Amazon]