A profile of Cliff "Cuckoo's Egg" Stoll, a pioneering "hacker hunter"

Cliff Stoll (previously) is a computing legend: his 1989 book The Cuckoo's Egg tells the story of how he was drafted to help run Lawrence Berkeley Lab's computers (he was a physicist who knew a lot about Unix systems), and then discovered a $0.75 billing discrepancy that set him on the trail of East German hackers working for the Soviet Union, using his servers as a staging point to infiltrate US military networks.

Instagram announces anti-harassment tools, overtaking Twitter

Twitter's openness is its strength, and also its weakness: the ease with which new accounts can be created makes it into an amazing tool for free expression, and also a perfect venue for vicious harassment (see also); but Instagram (a division of Facebook, the home of the walled garden) has announced a suite of anti-harassment tools that seem like they'd be compatible with Twitter, raising the obvious question: why hasn't Twitter already deployed them?

Gigantic Klein botttle

This may be the largest Klein bottle (lovely multilingual dissonance there!) ever made. Klein bottles are basically Moebius strips with one extra dimension — bottles that have one continous volume without any "inside" or "outside." This Klein bottle was made by Cliff Stoll (who wrote the classic true-cybercrime thriller The Cuckoo's Egg) who runs the Acme Klein studio in the East Bay. — Read the rest

What do you get when

What do you get when you extrude a Mobius strip into the third dimension? A fractional-dimensional object with zero volume: a Klein Bottle! And who manufactures and sells the world's finest Klein Bottles? Hippie-cum-Physicist-cum-Sysadmin-cum-International Crime Fighting CyberSleuth-cum-Author, Cliff Stoll. What a wonderful freak! — Read the rest