How funds from major fossil fuel corporations help control police departments

A recent investigation from the Public Accountability Initiative, a nonprofit corporate and government accountability research institute, and its LittleSis database partners breaks down some of the ways that oil producers such as Chevron, Shell, and Wells Fargo are closely intertwined with police departments in cities like Seattle, Chicago, Washington, New Orleans and Salt Lake City. — Read the rest

Counting the homeless in San Francisco: imperfect and imperative


In a reported comic, journalist and cartoonist Susie Cagle follows volunteers as they attempt to count the homeless on the streets of San Francisco, a city where the median cost of a one-bedroom apartment is $3,410. Cagle describes the process as crucial but flawed, since the headcount is necessary to receive federal funds for shelters—but uses a definition that many advocates say is too narrow. — Read the rest

Climate change creating "heat islands" for blacks, Asians, Latinos in US

Writing at GRIST, Susie Cagle points to a new study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, which finds that "not all neighborhoods and racial groups are faring equally" as climate change raises temps in urban areas: "According to the research, blacks, Asians, and Latinos are all significantly more likely to live in high-risk heat-island conditions than white people." — Read the rest