Electronic Arts releases DRM-removal tool

Electronic Arts has released a de-activation tool for removing the SecuRom digital rights management that the company earlier deployed on several of its games. SecuROM is known as the most Draconian DRM tool for games, apt to screw u your computer and harm your ability to play the games you bought. — Read the rest

FTC gets an earful from the public on DRM, practically all of it anti-

The FTC's public hearing on DRM is a smash sensation — they're being flooded with anti-DRM comments, mostly from gamers:

The Federal Trade Commission wants to know about DRM, and it's hosting a March conference on the topic. The agency looks set to get an earful–today is the final day to file public comments, and more than 700 individuals have already done so.

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BioShock game bundled with DRMalware

BoingBoing reader David Hayward says,

2K's BioShock is easily the most overhyped game so far this year, though it is quite beautiful.

What they're no doubt underhyping as best they can is the fact that the PC version of the game is packaged with SecuROM copy protection, a piece of third party anti-copying software that phones home and prevents installation on more than 2 PCs.

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