BioShock game bundled with DRMalware

BoingBoing reader David Hayward says,

2K's BioShock is easily the most overhyped game so far this year, though it is quite beautiful.

What they're no doubt underhyping as best they can is the fact that the PC version of the game is packaged with SecuROM copy protection, a piece of third party anti-copying software that phones home and prevents installation on more than 2 PCs.

The PC demo of BioShock causes AVG to go nuts at it for containing trojans. It wouldn't install or load on a winXP partition until AVG antivirus was completely uninstalled. *Presumably* this is due to SecuROM, which also demands that other perfectly legit processes stopped: Link.

The response on the 2K forums has been a pretty uniform "Yarr!": Link.

Anonymous adds,

Worse yet, game maker 2K is telling people to call Securom, and Securom is telling people to call 2K. Steam is affected as well. You can only install the game on 2 PC's, period. (Confirmed by steam employee.) So, if you use your steam account on 3 PC's, you'll only get to play on 2. You're required to right click the game in the steam menu and choose 'delete local content' before you can transfer the game to another PC. If you delete the game without following this procedure, you may end up in the same ordeal as retail buyers. Details for the steam issue can be found here: Link.

Patrick says,

This isn't entirely correct. If you follow this link to Kotaku's post you'll see that the game can be installed on as many computers as you want, it just can't be installed on more than two at a time (i.e you have to uninstall first, and then install on another computer). Not such a big deal.

Alex says,

Regarding Patrick's comment, many people have been having trouble with not getting the uninstall "credit" and when the activation server went down many people were unable to play the game they were entitled to… it's not "Not such a big deal" for a lot of people, more defective by design.