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(Ed. Note: We recently gave the Boing Boing Video website a makeover that includes a new, guest-curated microblog: the "BBVBOX." Here, folks whose taste in web video we admire tweet the latest clips they find. I'll be posting periodic roundups here on the motherBoing.)

Sean Bonner: Rube Goldberg vs. Testicles Link Andrea James: Relax with Aqua Harp by Animusic: Link Andrea James: Turtlegasm: Link Andrea James: Skweezy's PCP bender w/ talking orangutan kills dreams of Nike-buying & sex with gf's implants: Link Sean Bonner: iSnort - the iPhone App for people with a special kind of habbit - Link Sean Bonner: RT @tara: Dog drags a wounded dog off busy Freeway Link Andrea James: Ben Stiller celebrates moving his production company to Fox: Link Richard Metzger: Atheist Summer Camp for Kids Offers "Godless" Alternative Link Robin Sloan: The fiery fuzz of streetlight bugs! Incredible capture of something commonplace: Link Andrea James: Montage of memorably bad acting and special effects: Link Jesse Thorn: David Letterman asks a very important question: How many Spidermans fit in a Jamba Juice? Link Andrea James: Stunt driver Bill Hickman's top 3: Bullitt, French Connection, Seven-Ups Susannah Breslin: Fucking hell: Link Richard Metzger: Mildly nonce-y farm-themed yoga show for kids. With Rasta the Rooster! Link Richard Metzger: Las Vegas City Council Punk'd Link Xeni Jardin: Puppets responding to the fear-mongering of online safety ad campaigns: Link (via @zephoria via @FreeRangeKids) Xeni Jardin: Fat Cat and Keyboard Cat: creepy, cute. Read the rest

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Puppets responding to the fear-mongering of online safety ad campaigns: Link (via @zephoria via @FreeRangeKids) Read the rest