Police Chief says 12-year-old girls who take nude selfies are "guilty"

Peters, Pennsylvania Police Chief Harry Fruch has ordered his police force to investigate middle school students who are taking and sharing naked pictures of themselves.

"If the photograph was taken by the individual, male or female between the ages of 12 and under 18, she's as much a guilty party as the person who received it. She is not a victim in this case or he is not a victim," said Chief Fruch.

From Lenore Skenazy of Free-Range Kids:

Huh? So are they both perps? Are they going to be registered as sex offenders?

I have no idea if the authorities will go in that awful direction. But the fact that other young people have been prosecuted for the same behavior just means that young people are in danger of ruining their lives NOT because their naked pictures are out there — at some point, even employers won't care, because these will be so common — but because the cops swooped in and declared the kids deviants.