Make a Lego cookie-icing robot/plotter

Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks (previously documents his latest creation: a poltter that squeezes precise patters of icing onto cookies, built out of Lego Mindstorms, and includes full, downloadable instructions. Read the rest

Suburban LEGO Sisyphus mows his lawn over and over again

2015 gave us the wonderful kinetic LEGO sculpture of the tragic Greek mythological character Sisyphus perpetually pushing a boulder.

When creator Jason Allemann of JKBrickworks saw fellow LEGO artist Josh David's lawn mower kinetic sculpture, he knew he had to make one of his own &mdashl; but with a twist.

Building on his original idea, Allemann swapped out Sisyphus for his modern-day counterpart -- a suburban man in shorts and knee socks -- and replaced the fate of eternally pushing a boulder with mowing an ever-growing lawn.

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LEGO automatic drawing machine

Jason Allemann built a neat LEGO Drawing Machine, inspired by a Spirograph and a 1950s toy called the Hoot Nanny or Magic Designer.

It can create many different patterns by changing the configuration of the model," Allemann writes. "You can also draw multiple patterns on the same piece of paper to create even more complex designs."

He's posted the building instructions on his site JKBrickworks.com.

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Computationally derived Sisyphus Lego automata has to push his ball forever and ever

JK Brickworks's Sisyphus automata was inspired by Disney Research's work on the "Computational Design of Mechanical Characters". Read the rest