Tinkerbot photos from the Boing Boing Flickr Pool

Photos of a Tinkerbot shared by a reader of the same name in our Flickr Pool.

Junkbot steampunk car

The Zephlaprop is a new piece from found-object sculptor Tinkerbots, AKA Dan Jones of San Diego. Read the rest

Convertible Hudson Spaceship from Tinkerbots

Many's the time I've featured the beautiful Tinkerbots of San Diego's Dan Jones. This time, my eye's been caught by his Hudson Skymaster convertible spaceship, which he added to the Boing Boing Flickr pool.

Hudson Skymaster Read the rest

HUDSON: a one-eyed junkbot

From San Diego's Dan Jones (aka Tinkerbots), a rather lovely junkbot called HUDSON, found in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool. He's also the guy who gave us these bots and these stellar rayguns. He's got a shop, but it's presently empty (let's hope it gets some stock for Christmas!).

HUDSON Read the rest

Superb ray-gun junk sculptures

Flickr user Tinkerbots creates and photographs beautiful raygun and robot assemblage sculptures made from techno-junk. I am SUCH a sucker for raygun sculptures. Tinkerbots's blasters drive a fishhook straight into my desiderata gland.


(via Make)

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