Intrepid junkbot from Tinkerbots

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5 Responses to “Intrepid junkbot from Tinkerbots”

  1. jeligula says:

    Normally, I don’t like junkbots, but these are quite compelling.

  2. herartsheloves says:

    Awesome robot, biased to clay and wire myself, but this one has a soft side I love.

  3. CyberCraftRobots says:

    Damn, Dan!  This guy is ENTIRELY awesome!  Congrats, my friend!! 

  4. liquidstar says:

    I like junkbots in general.  Normally I go more for an industrial killdozer kind of approach, but this guy has  CHAR-AS-MA!   (ala Just-a-Gigalo, David Lee Roth)

  5. cmacis says:

    Normally I don’t like the junkbots, but this one is nice. Is cool.

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