How to Make Cuban Coffee

Making Cuban coffee is an art that's passed down jittery generations. And now you can do it too. Read the rest

The Manic Pixel Art of Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson's pixel art comes from a profane electric neon universe, Miyamoto on mushrooms. Read the rest

Bruce Springsteen plays "Something in the Night" live in Oakland

An enterprising fan of The Boss stitched together different clips of Bruce and the E Street Band at an Oakland concert performing "Something in the Night," a less often played cut from Darkness on the Edge of Town. Read the rest

The snacking, sassy heroism of Madeleine Flores's Help Us Great Warrior

In the webcomic Help Us Great Warrior, a green blob with a bowtie quips quips her way through a savage world of swords, magic, and monsters. Read the rest

Inside Nature's Giants: The Giant Squid

In this episode of the PBS documentary series, a team of scientists dissect and examine one of the ocean's rarest creatures: Architeuthis, the giant squid. Read the rest

POLLYANNA: An Animated Earthbound Tribute

This video is an exquisitely detailed homage to the cult Super Nintendo RPG Earthbound, Mr. Saturns and all.

Earthbound is in what some would consider the holy trinity of the 16-bit generation's roleplaying games, along with Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger. Much less serious and much, much weirder than its brethren, it used cartoonish graphics and idiosyncratic humor to tell the story of four kids on quest to defeat an existential alien conqueror named Giygas, and the jazz bands, hippies, and living barf piles they encounter along the way. It's traditional Americana filtered through a sardonic Japanese viewpoint, and it's one of the best damn games ever made. It's currently available on the Wii U's Virtual Console.

[Project PK Flash!] Read the rest

Gerrymanderers and the Dark Art of Redistricting

The Republican Party is in control of both the House and Senate, and the redrawing of Congressional districts is one of the tools that led America to its current fate. The Atlantic follows Tom Hoffeler, a Republican consultant responsible for the bulk work of the redistricting strategy. Read the rest

90 Year Old Man Faces Jail Time for Feeding Florida's Homeless

Ninety year old homeless advocate Arnold Abbot and a pair of clergymen among others were cited by Fort Lauderdale police for violating the city's newly enacted food sharing ordinance, which aims to criminalize distributing meals to the poor and dispossessed. Read the rest

Lizzy Caplan sings "You Don't Know Me"

In this clip from the first season of Showtime drama Masters of Sex, Freaks and Geeks and Party Down actor Lizzy Caplan sings a cover of the tune most popularized by Ray Charles. Read the rest

Lichtenstein's Theft and the Artists Left Behind

Roy Lichtenstein made a career copying comic book panels and selling them as pop art for millions. Now, one of his victims speaks out. Read the rest

FBI Seizes Silk Road 2

Visitors to the successor of online drug marketplace Silk Road were greeted by the logos of an international concordance of law enforcement agencies. Read the rest

Stan Lee on the Insidiousness of Bigotry

"The bigot is an unreasoning hater – one who hates blindly, fanatically, indiscriminately." Read the rest

Supreme Court disinterest leaves Sherlock Holmes firmly in the public domain

After the US Supreme Court declined to hear the Conan Doyle estate's appeal in a case against author Leslie Klinger, the character of Sherlock Holmes has been firmly entrenched in the public domain. Read the rest

Eight women's accounts of abuse by Canadian broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi

In response to Jian Ghomeshi's firing by the CBC and his issuing a statement defending his personal life as "outside the mainstream", yet "consensual," a group of eight women have come forward with disturbing accounts of the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse they suffered at the hands of the former Q host. Read the rest

Where's Your Fucking Polling Place?

Get the vote the fuck out with Where's My Fucking Polling Place, a site which tells you your fucking polling place. Read the rest

WATCH: Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert

This stunning two hour concert showcases the decades long creative partnership between composer Joe Hisaishi and animation legend Hayao Miyazaki, with powerfully orchestrated selections from Ghibli films like Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, and Princess Mononoke. Read the rest

LISTEN: "Won't Go Out" by Holly Golightly

"Won't Go Out" is a stomping track off English rockabilly garage queen Holly Golightly's 2005 record My First Holly Golightly Album. Read the rest

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