Judy and the Dream of HORSE

Ivan Hernandez tells the story of a girl who just wants to ride, and the basketball game standing between her and freedom.

The Ultra-Cute Pop Culture Art of Dan Hipp

Dan Hipp's drawings bring a cuteness and depth to pop culture, taking on everything from Marvel to Miyazaki to Parks and Recreation.

Hipp's work has appeared in comic books like All-New X-Men and Adventure Time, and he currently serves as art director for the Teen Titans Go! cartoon. His drawings take the usual mash-ups and tributes you'd expect to find on the internet and bring a signature style and consistency to them that are all his own. You can check out his tumblr and follow him on Twitter @misterhipp.

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Forever 21 Meets The Fountainhead

Somehow, the ideas of objectivist posterwoman and noted anti-feminist Ayn Rand have found new life in the world of girl power brand merchandising. Read the rest

LISTEN: Beck sings "I Only Have Eyes For You"

Beck sings a cover of The Flamingos' doo wop classic "I Only Have Eyes For You." The tune comes from artist Doug Aitken's Song 1 exhibit, in which different musicians' recordings of the same song are played under 360 degree video projections on the walls of Washington DC's Hirshhorn Museum. Read the rest

Kickended tracks completely unfunded Kickstarter projects

Plane tickets never bought, EPs never recorded, mobile apps never to be made mobile, Kickstarter is littered with them. Now, Kickended tracks all of these projects into one sad repository.

With 8700 completely unfunded Kickstarters to sort through, the site gives you the choice of random campaigns or the whole depressing archive. It offer no commentary, because why heap abuse on people who've already seen their dreams crumble to dust? I don't even want to share my favorites because it almost feels meanly voyeuristic. While there are a number of dopes who just want people to buy them things with no return, there are also the well-intentioned yet clueless who imagined money would pour forth effortlessly, as well as your garden variety weirdos. And all that separates the dopes, clueless, and weirdos from the successful is about ten grand of other people's money.

Kickended [Silvio Lorusso] Read the rest

YogaDirect Mat Bag

This yoga mat bag from YogaDirect is cheap and reliable, which are my only criteria for any bag I can't put food in. Read the rest

The Funky, Retro Stylings of Francesco Francavilla's Batman 1972

Acclaimed comics artist Francesco Francavilla shares a vision of the Dark Knight that's more reflective of the 70s than the actual Batman books they published in the 70s. Read the rest

The Pioneer Woman's Bolognese Sauce

I've made a few batches of this bolognese recipe from Ree Drummond, and it is tremendous every time. It's rich and rustic and hearty, the kind of pasta dinner that knocks you to sleep immediately. Read the rest

LISTEN: Peter Gabriel covers the Arcade Fire's "My Body is a Cage"

In this live footage from a 2010 concert at the 02 Arena, Peter Gabriel covers an Arcade Fire track from Neon Bible. I will readily admit this song's use in the John Carter trailer is what made me so excited for a movie which made me so disappointed. Read the rest

The Best of the Orchestral Game Music Concerts

The Orchestral Game Music Concert series ran from 1991 to 1996, employing a number of Japanese orchestras to perform symphonic selections from some of video games' greatest titles. The compilation records were notoriously hard to find, until now. Here are some of my favorite tracks. Read the rest

Elvis Costello goes grocery shopping in 1978

In footage meant to air on 20/20, Elvis Costello and the Attractions play Boston and Detroit at the height of their powers and buy avocados with Geraldo Rivera. Read the rest

Pregnant in Handcuffs

In this op-ed from the New York Times, Lynne Paltrow and Jeanne Flavin of the National Advocates for Pregnant Women state the evidence for how anti-abortion laws in America have incarcerated, wrongfully detained, and even killed pregnant women. Read the rest

WATCH: The first two episodes of Natasha Allegri's Bee and PuppyCat

After successfully kickstarting the series, Adventure Time storyboard artist and Fionna & Cake designer Natasha Allegri has released the first two adventures of a multi-dimensional temp and her adorable hybrid animal friend, Bee and Puppycat. Read the rest

WATCH: Sleater-Kinney play "Wipers," an unreleased song

Here's live footage of riot grrl legends Sleater-Kinney circa 1999 playing a thus far unreleased song called "Wipers." It's a shame they never put it on tape, cause it is a straight-up raucous jam. Read the rest

Go Brain! encourages a growth mindset for children

Carol Reiley is a surgical roboticist who's previously spoken at the Boing Boing Ingenuity conference. Now, she's kickstarting Go Brain!, a children's book to inspire a growth mindset. Read the rest

LEGO Octopus Tote Bag

The LEGO Octopus is one of the most elegant and mysterious creatures of the LEGO ocean, and now you can celebrate the cephalopod with this $22 tote bag from Society6. Read the rest

ELO's "The Whale," with whales

"The Whale" is one of the spaciest tracks on Electric Light Orchestra's Out of the Blue, an already very spacy album. Someone interspersed it with footage of actual whales in a feat of majestic literalism. Read the rest

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