Exciting drone footage of rally car

If the thrill of high-flying drone footage has worn off, get closer to the ground—and to the subject. My favorite part is where the dronecam is hovering perfectly still in the passenger seat of the vehicle, as if being held by a person sitting there. Amazing! [via] Read the rest

Freeskiing. At night. On LED-covered skis.

Skier Mathieu Bijasson didn't think it was insane enough to ski down the steepest faces of the French Alps during the day, so he rigged up some skis and poles with LED lighting and did it at night. The result is visually beautiful and teeth-clenchingly terrifying all at once. Read the rest

Rocket launch filmed by drone

The SpaceX Grasshopper's latest launch—and graceful descent!—captured by a drone-mounted camera. Grasshopper was most recently seen terrifying the cows. Read the rest