Correlates of Trump voting: searches for erectile dysfunction, hair loss, how to get girls, penis enlargement, penis size, steroids, testosterone and Viagra

The precincts that swung hardest for Trump in 2016 and for the GOP in 2018 also had the highest incidence of Google searches for “erectile dysfunction,” “hair loss,” “how to get girls,” “penis enlargement,” “penis size,” “steroids,” “testosterone” and “Viagra.” ' Read the rest

Watch The Try Guys try masculine vulnerability

'The Try Guys' started as a jokey part of a clickbaity but harmless YouTube genre, but they've been slowly edging into much deeper topics involving masculine insecurities around their appearance, most notably Should The Try Guys Get Plastic Surgery? Read the rest

Next-level animal/crotch power underwear: the skin-tight, full-body wolf onesie

If the rush of masculine energy conferred by wearing 3D eagle underwear has faded, you can renew it with the full-print wolf bodysuit that accentuates and subtly emphasizes the snoutal region. (via Crazy Abalone) Read the rest