A deep dive into how parasites hijack our behavior and how we evolved to resist them

On Slate Star Codex (previously), Scott Alexander breaks down Invisible Designers: Brain Evolution Through the Lens of Parasite Manipulation, Marco Del Giudice's Quarterly Review of Biology paper that examines the measures that parasites take to influence their hosts' behaviors, and the countermeasures that hosts evolve to combat them. Read the rest

John Oliver presents all the swamp creatures Trump has poured in the swamp

If you can make it past the clip of Trump's stomach-churning cameo appearance in a 1980s movie dud, you'll get John Oliver's useful taxonomy lesson on everything that slithers, creeps, and slimes about in his noxious swamp of corruption. Read the rest

Parasite playing cards

The lucky attendees at this year's meeting of the American Societe of Parasitologists got a gorgeous deck of parasite-themed playing cards into their conference bags. Read the rest