I tried Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP on my motorcycle boots and jacket

My favorite leather motorcycle jacket was starting to feel stiff and dried out. I decided to try Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP leather treatement.

For years I've used Pecard motorcycle leather dressing on my favorite leather jacket. The jacket has only gotten more and more lovely. The longer I wear it the better and better the hide looks and feels. It gets a ton of compliments when I wear it, and so I maintain it. I also WEAR IT. There had been several thousand miles in summer sun since I'd last fed the leather more than sweat. The elbows were getting harder to bend. Leather gets stiff when dry. I had read a lot about Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP on INTERNET FORUMS so decided I ought to give it a try.

I also had a pair of new motorcycle boots on hand. They came advertised as "greased leather" and while the finish felt fantastic, I could tell the leather needed a lot of softening. It was hard a rock and they hurt my feet. I decided I'd start with the boots and if I trusted Obenauf's THEN I'd move on the treasured motorcycle jacket. I opened the jar and was unsurprised to see it resemble the familiar Pecard. Both are beeswax based but the Obenauf's is slightly thinner and seems to have a lower melting point. Just the heat I freely generate seemed to melt the wax very easily, at room temperature. I put a little on a cloth and the brand new boots absorbed the treatment as quickly as it went on. Read the rest