Artist creates dollops of paint that are actually colored pencil illustrations

CJ Hendry creates large pencil sketches that mix hyperrealism with fantasy. After working mainly in black and white, she jumped to color in a big way with her series of colorful paint smears. Read the rest

These computer-generated rocks look incredibly real

Digital artist Rens de Boer traveled to the island of Fuerteventura a couple times this year and took photos of rocks to "test equipment, workflows and develop new content."

Samantha Cole of Motherboard writes:

It took him five days to photograph and capture the landscapes he wanted to render, and another several weeks to rebuild them in video game making tool Unreal Engine with a process called photogrammetry, which works by compiling a host of images taken from various angles and using them to create realistic depth...

Graphic card maker Nvidia provided de Boer with the GPUs that rendered these photorealistic rocks, two Geforce 1080 Tis, to be exact...

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WATCH: Artist redraws a photo portrait from scratch in this timelapse

DeviantArt member viktoriyarova made a time-lapse video as she recreated a photo from scratch in Photoshop. Read the rest