Doug Rushkoff's new book: Nothing Sacred

BoingBoing pal Doug Rushkoff's new book Nothing Sacred is about to hit the stands, and he's launching a book tour throught the US next week -- details on that are at this link. Here's what the publisher says:
Acclaimed writer and thinker Douglas Rushkoff, author of Ecstasy Club and Coercion, has written perhaps the most important -- and bound to be controversial -- book on Judaism in a generation. As the religion stands on the brink of becoming irrelevant to the very people who look to it for answers, NOTHING SACRED takes aim at its problems and offers startling and clearheaded solutions based on Judaism's core-source-values and teachings.
The book is available for pre-order online, and Doug tells us "it should be on the shelves by the first week of April." Link, Discuss