New guest blogger on BoingBoing: Jim Griffin, part deux!

Witness the passing of the guest-blogger torch again-- from our special guest Kevin Sites, whose live-from-Iraq photo and audioblogging made headlines around the world -- back to the esteemed Jim Griffin, whose earlier stint was pre-empted by world events. Thank you, Kevin, for an amazing blog-journey... and welcome back, Jim.

Aside from having co-founded the Pho digital music listserv (photo from a Sunday pho gathering at left, Jim's on the right-hand side), Jim is an author, columnist, and wireless industry consultant. During his five-year stint as head of technology for Geffen Records, he led a team that in June of 1994 distributed the first full-length commercial song on-line, by Aerosmith. Geffen was the first entertainment company to install a web server, and Geffen World was one of the first corporate intranet sites.

Jim recently returned from a month in Finland (at times working inside the arctic circle), consulting for wireless industry clients. What he has planned next, I do not know. But if Jim's driving, we're in for an adventure.

Link to Jim's personal website, Link to more pics from the Sunday pho list get-togethers in LA, Discuss