XXX-ray spex: "Infrared Video Goggles"

For $2,400, this company will sell you what it claims are "Advanced Intellligence Full-color X-ray Vision Goggles" with the power to see through clothes -- and document what you see with an accessory that "plugs right in to any VCR or CAMCORDERS with video input for portable recording." I wonder if they'll look good with my new tinfoil beanie cap? Who cares, the website's a hoot:
"The theory behind it is simple. Under normal light, the visible and infrared lights can pass through some type of material covering an object and are reflected by the object's surface. The reflected visible light is too strong and saturated to see. Therefore the covered object surface can not be visible using naked eyes. However, if the reflected visible light is filtered out and only the reflected infrared and the required light is captured using special made sensitive cameras inside the Goggles, the covered object surface will be visible. Some materials completely blocks the naked eye from seeing through it. But with these Goggles , you can see through it. With your purchase. We will include a piece of clothing material that you can test the X-RAY effect for yourself without having to go out doors to test it in public."
Link to product website, Link to purported sample images (caution: boobies), Discuss